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An open call exhibition on the theme of ‘Art as Therapy’.

Martin McAuley on Whiskey in Belfast and how to drink it – properly!

Neil Jameson will propose and discuss – why not a Citizens NI?

A short from Mark Nugent Films.

In conversation with Irish News journalist Allison Morris and Imagine! festival director Peter O’Neill about the political response to COVID-19.

Richard English is Professor of Politics at Queen’s University Belfast.

With journalist, writer, film-maker and public speaker Paul Mason.

Fighting cancer at the age of 18 – a short.

With Professor Stuart Elborn of Queen’s University Belfast.

Exploring Universal Basic Income (UBI) as one possible alternative to political division, inequality and climate crisis.

Chris Agee is a poet, essayist and editor living in Ireland.

A short by Aidan Largey.

Stateless nations in the new UK — with Robin McAlpine.

A talk by Dr. Michael Maguire, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.

A panel discussion on ethical remembering, 50 years on from the start of the Troubles.

A short by Alec Liddle.

A discussion on the interplay of facts, opinion, and power.

The Life of United Irishman William Drennan

A short by Cameron McCauley.

OpenDemocracy editor Adam Ramsay looks at who is waging war on our democracy

Dr. Caroline Magennis, talks about “Moving through Milkman: the body in motion in some recent Northern Irish texts”.

Nicky Larkin talks about his new documentary ‘Abomination: A DUP Opera’.

Emer presents a mini comedy masterclass.

A short film directed by Solene Guichard.

Paddy Cullivan brings you a pointedly hilarious take on the current state of Ireland and the world in 2020.

In this talk, Stevie Downes examines dominant economic thinking and explores alternatives.

A short by Jim McMorrow.

With Margaret Henry and Emily DeDakis.

A short by Margaret McGoldrick.

Lord Patten of Barnes’ recent speech in Belfast City Hall.

Alan Meban talks to Gráinne Walsh of Stratagem about how our political culture will change because of Coronavirus.

Belfast street Artist Tim ‘Verz art’ McCarthy discuses the eclectic street art of Belfast.

Joby Fox is an authentic voice of post-conflict Ireland.

Sam McBride in conversation with Alan Meban about his incendiary bestselling book, ‘BURNED‘.