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Join us for the start of the festival as our Festival Director provides a background to this year’s programme.

A series of large scale images and interactive videos pasted onto the Peace Wall in west Belfast.

Compiled by QUB students, these digital projects explore medieval magic, sex, astrology and purgatory in Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron.

This year the festival is delighted to welcome our artists in residence from Glasgow who will help make the festival a reality.

This exhibition presents a collection of photographs and commentary about physical structures in NI that, if transformed, would signify positive change in relation to building a safe, shared and united society.

The team behind Shared Future News ask: what is your association with this place and how do you see its future?

A display of textile panels that focus on places, people and things that are loved and how these can be affected by our ways of living and being.

What should happen to all the digitised personal information, recorded audio, photos and video that a person leaves behind?

Join us for a debate on how we can build a Belfast that focuses not just on economic growth but on our collective wellbeing.

Political economist Professor Helen Thompson explains the political shocks of the last decade and shows how Covid-19 blew apart fault lines.

One of the most significant films ever made about the Troubles.

Free speech is one of the most hotly-debated issues in recent times. Despite the ubiquity of the issue, however, there are many ways in which our understandings of free speech remain unclear.

Galway’s legendary Over The Edge literary reading series brings poetry and political conflict to Belfast.

In UDR: Declassified, Micheál Smith reveals what the British establishment, the British government and its armed forces knew and had to say about the regiment in recently declassified files.

Historical entertainer Paddy Cullivan brings you the incredible story of the death of Ireland’s first Commander-in-Chief.

Mining material from The Who’s ambitious 1969 Rock Opera, director Ken Russell crafts one of the great cinematic satires of religion, consumption, and pinball fever.

If you rent from a private landlord or letting agent, join this workshop!

Performing a series of spoken word texts and musical compositions especially for the festival.

A live panel discussion between the leaders of the youth wings of Northern Ireland’s political parties.

Participate in a reflective conversation about ecological and climatic issues.

Northern Ireland’s Queen of Comedy brings her stand-up show to the festival.

A new show at The Lyric that asks why the privileges and protections granted to most of society remain out of reach for Northern Ireland’s LGBT+ community.

A selection of original songs inspired by conversations with young people who have been removed from mainstream education.

Take part in a unique soundscape that captures the sounds of those that we have lost in the pandemic and share your own sounds of reflection.

David Coyles, Senior Lecturer at Ulster University will lead this bus tour visiting a number of hidden peace lines across the city.

Join us for this free immersive experience where we experience the sounds of the pandemic.

How can we involve everyone in addressing the climate emergency?

In the early 1800s Age of Reform a disparate group of artists, legal theorists, MPs, and others nearly brought about the end to the death penalty for sodomy.

Come along to the opening of this unique exhibition which presents multiple perspectives and interpretations of the Strand Cinema.

How can big business be held to account for harming people and planet everywhere they operate?

Exploring the current situation in relation to the Irish language a century after partition.

Stephen Frears’ 1985 ground-breaking, gay, mixed race, love story.

Bringing together a range of speakers to consider how we learn from the past to help build the future of the student movement.

Come along to this event to gain an insight into the future of NI-USA relations, including politics, policy and everything in between!

Hear first-hand from overlooked voices as they challenge conventional narratives.

All of everyday life has become transformed by technologies of algorithmic governance. The question is: how should we respond?

Join us for this conversation style event as the author discusses her powerful, candid diary of a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

From social media pile-ons to attacks on people’s jobs, a new form of censorship is coming in to play.

Join us for nine, brilliant, true stories on the theme of ‘Reality’.

Nandi Jola reflects on the history of Black Atlantic, as she looks at the relationship between British Colonial rule and South Africa.

Come help develop a new vision for participating in arts and culture in Northern Ireland.

Street performance marking the 50th anniversary of Belfast’s ‘Ring of Steel’.

Join this practical workshop about designing and constructing textile artefacts that communicate how our ways of living can affect places, people and things that we love.

Local journalists examines th challenges of reporting Northern Ireland’s conflict.

Discussing a plurality of approaches to organising for the challenges faced by the trans community in Ireland.

An immersive workshop on possible futures that will challenge, question and develop participants’ notion of what makes a future.

How can we promote longer-term strategic thinking to meet the changing needs of citizens?

Come along to this Oxford-style debate with two teams arguing for and against the motion – Is Type 1 diabetes a disability?

Explore the link between law and art, engaging with artists and activists to see how we can create a sense of justice through art.

Eight-minute readings linking local writers and powers with international counterparts.

Scratching the surface of this unfortunately topical problem, with which many of us are all too familiar.

Glengormley-born Bill Neely in conversation about his global journalism career.

This online event will highlight how it is possible to move beyond racism, sectarianism and capitalism towards a future that is bigger than our past.

Screening of Theodore Melfi’s 2016 American biographical drama.

Meet us in the alley. We’ll bring the food, questions, and a table; you bring some comfy shoes, and your sense of despair / spirit of playfulness (delete as applicable!).

A taster session for women of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in running for election and playing an active role in politics.

A seriously convivial conversation about the ‘poetical’ in our civic and cultural living.

Second Collective presents for exhibition a series of artworks by women artists in the emerging stages of their practice.

A campaigning workshop with Adam McGibbon.

A series of hand painted porcelain panels with found objects inspired by our heritage and landscape.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) brings its renowned training to Belfast, for journalists and non-journalists alike.

Following the publication of his well-received memoir, Richard Needham looks back on a life that straddles the worlds of commerce and politics.

This workshop aims to showcase some great examples of innovations in democracy at a local level in Northern Ireland, being supported through the Community Foundation’s Civic Innovation Programme.

Join the panel in discussing representative democracy, citizens’ assemblies, and engaging citizens in the future of Northern Ireland.

A fun Interactive workshop where participants will create Instagram stories about local history using archival material.

Nicholas Whyte examines the likely outcomes of the forthcoming local Assembly elections and a potential unity vote.

The launch of an exciting new local network by Involve UK.

A zine-making workshop will be presented by Emma Campbell and Clodagh Lavelle from Array Collective

Hear from QUB researchers exploring how photography has been used to record and shape Belfast from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Champion Things launch their new album ‘Tying Knots in a Suffragette’s Ribbon’.

This online event presents a chance to learn from developers and entrepreneurs working on the cutting edge of technology around the world.

A conversation exploring hope, human nature and the future of politics.

A light hearted quizzical rummage about this place we call home.

A critical look at how the politics of division has stopped the development of a shared and prosperous society in Northern Ireland.

Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Scott Gibson promises to give you a reason to ‘Rejoice’.

Sing to raise the rafters and spirits, and affirm values of peace and justice.

The Alternative Economists invite you to explore the considerable wealth we already have and how it could be better used more fairly.

A workshop-style project exploring self-perception, self-image and words as tools for social control led by Elida Maiques

Six artists have been selected to bring installations, artworks and imaginative new ideas to residential alleyways in the North, East and West of the city.

Belfast-born journalist and war reporter James Harkin talks about the difficulties involved in contemporary warzone reporting.

Three lively panels from the Academy of Ideas covering snowflakes, revolutionaries, free speech, online safety, culture, and culture wars.

A durational public performance at Vault Artist Studios, functioning as a social commentary on consumerism, ownership and the anxiety of increasingly chaotic lifestyles.

From 80s Belfast punk to contemporary Colombian folk, this talk by Gareth Gordon attempts to understand the privileges of being ‘other’ on both sides of the Atlantic.

A walking tour to show why Belfast truly deserves its prestigious UNESCO City of Music Award, concluding with a private music performance.

Join Stephen on a tour of the installation and hear from some of the local people who have taken part in the exhibition.

Brendan Nellis celebrates his brother’s full and active life, and his activism for justice and equality.

Profiling two journalists under threat in Peru, exposing abuse, corruption and illegal commerce and discussing global threats against media.

An evening event to showcase Tate Visual’s short film, ‘Emulator’ on the big screen.

The internationally renowned historian of ideas will discuss his new book On Consolation about great figures in history facing tragedies.

Tom Robinson presents an evening of songs and stories spanning five decades of adventures in the music industry.

Fruits of Isolation’ showcases some of Belfast’s brightest unheard talents that have been born out of three years of isolation.

8-minute readings from local women and poet counterparts from across the world.

Mark Mordue reads from his biography of renowned Australian rock musician Nick Cave and discusses the artist’s life and art.

Step back in time with Jason Burke for a fascinating and engaging tour of Belfast City Cemetery.

Experienced Green Badge tourist guide will introduce you to key figures from 1700s–early 1900s who pioneered Belfast’s business growth.

Join us for a very special afternoon of music curated by singer & songwriter Wendy Jack.

Martin Scorsese’s fascinating variation on the religious film is one the director’s most visually and aurally adventurous works.

Join Professor Pete Shirlow in conversation with Harvard’s Dr Ofrit Liviatan for the launch of her debut novel “Anything But Steady”.

Two leading authors who have championed working class writers discuss how to overcome the challenges to get into print.

Join part-Neanderthal Canadian, part-Trinidadian, part-Northern Irish Loon, Tony Law on this comedy time-travelling retrospective.

Join us for a programme of ‘degenerate’ music censored and suppressed by the Nazis and which remains rarely performed to this day.