Crescent Arts Centre, University Road
30th March: 7.30pm – 12.00am (doors 7.00pm)

On his 55th year on the planet artist Peter McCaughey offers 55 things to look at, listen to, consume, touch, half-embody and reflect on.

A unique interactive talk sequenced by the audience of 55 people through the medium of Potato Bingo, a tool McCaughey invented to upset the linearity of conventional artists talks.

This event touches on politics, art and architecture, personal anecdote, spatial planning, poetry, song, loss and laughter, confession, rage, insight and failure. In both its absurd marathonesque duration and its personal easygoing delivery it is itself both an essay in the triumph of failure, a fuck you to entropy and a heroic effort to remember and share things of importance.

In its previous outing 55 things was performed as 44 things, in a garage in Liverpool as a satellite event for the Liverpool Biennial in Oct 10th 2008. On that occasion it was anticipated that people would gradually leave and that ultimately the artist would be left talking to himself. Except no-one left.*

11 years older and none the wiser, McCaughey has added reflections on the recent loss of his mother, the experience of curating Scotland’s contribution to the Architectural Biennale in Venice 2018, a loophole he’s discovered at the heart of modern mathematics, why it’s good news when someone shits on your doorstep, and a magic recipe for getting lucky.

*This is what one audience member wrote afterwards: “Each item on the list related to a story/or work of art, they were all brilliant all different in tone, but the underlying themes emerged like…what? A scent of real roses, deep ocean water (clean, pure, deep, beautiful)…it was about life, humanity, pathos, tenderness, insanity, moral outrage and acts of rebellion, true love a great sense of humour and most of all a passion for living.”

Age 16+. BYOB.

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date & time

Sat. 30th March


Crescent Arts, 2-4 University Road, BT7 1NH


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