The Black Box, Hill Street
20th March: 7.30pm – 10.00pm

Access all areas: growing music – growing the idea of peace.

Join us for this special musical performance and conversations which brings together science, the environment and a diversity of musicians including Fife and Drum Bands reflecting Protestant culture.

From the versatility of Bamboo in music, storytelling from band members and sonically connecting Northern Ireland to Colombia we also invite young peace activists to join the soundtrack in a search for peace.

Expect a lively evening of music, conversation and the unexpected connections.

Access All Areas is the follow up to the successful Music Unite project which was pioneered by a diversity of musicians from Beyond Skin alongside fife and drum bands.

In association with Beyond Skin, Community Foundation Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, WOMAD Foundation and #youth4peace

date & time

date & time

Monday 20th March


The Black Box, Hill Street, BT1 2LA


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