26th March: 1.00pm

Is it time to break up the UK?
With Adam Ramsay from openDemocracy.

As the UK’s inequalities become impossible to ignore, Adam Ramsay argues that we must leave the elitist, absurd UK state behind for good.

According to Adam: “More and more people are seeing through the bluster of the ancient British state and concluding that their respective parts of the UK would be better off governing themselves and that the politics cultivated by Westminster does more harm than good. The prize is a chance to build a political system worth trusting. Is it time for something new?”

Adam Ramsay is openDemocracy’s main site editor. You can follow him at @adamramsay. Adam is a member of the Scottish Green Party, sits on the board of Voices for Scotland and advisory committees for the Economic Change Unit and the journal Soundings.

Find out more: opendemocracy.net @adamramsay

date & time

date & time

26th March
(duration: 60 minutes)




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