21st March: 4.00pm

A Northern Ireland built for wellbeing
Join us for a debate on how we can build a Northern Ireland that focuses not just on economic growth but on our collective wellbeing.

Can we replace GDP with measuring happiness, health, the environment and our democracy? Join us to debate a different way to measure progress.

At Carnegie UK we believe that collective wellbeing happens when social, economic, environmental and democratic wellbeing outcomes are seen as being equally important and are given equal weight.

  • Social wellbeing: We all have our basic needs met.
  • Economic wellbeing: We all have a decent minimum living standard.
  • Environmental wellbeing: We all live within the planet’s natural resources.
  • Democratic wellbeing: We all have a voice in decisions that affect us.

We experience each of these domains of collective wellbeing in different aspects of our lives: our own personal wellbeing – our quality of life and our general happiness; the wellbeing of the community we are part of – where we have the assets and relationships in place to live well locally; and as a society – where we all have what we need to live well together and flourish.

Hear from Claire Hanna MP, Professor John Barry (Queen’s University Belfast) and Paul Mac Flynn (Nevin Economic Research Institute) on how to avoid building a future that requires endless GDP growth to sustain it. Instead, what would happen if we measured our progress in a different way: On happiness? On health? On the strength of our democracy? Our contribution to addressing the climate challenge. Or a way of bringing them all together into one single number to chart progress?

Our speakers will make their arguments for different approaches to thinking about how we measure success and you, the audience can vote for the more compelling approach.

The speakers will then be asked what they would do if they were given the power to make just one wellbeing change for Belfast. And you can vote again for what will make the biggest impact on your life, and the wellbeing of your community.

Chaired by Jennifer Wallace, Director at Carnegie UK, this session will be interactive and contribute to Carnegie UK’s work supporting positive change for Northern Ireland.

Organised by Carnegie UK.

About Carnegie UK: At Carnegie UK we’re all about wellbeing. We have been ever since we were set up over 100 years ago. Wellbeing has meant different things to different generations. Right now, the world around us is changing in ways that mean it is time to rethink how we help people to live well together. This is what ‘wellbeing’ means to us today. It is about everyone having what they need to live well now and in the future. Looking after the wellbeing of all citizens – our collective wellbeing – is a powerful way of creating a society where everyone can live well together.

date & time

date & time

Monday 21st March
Duration: 1.5 hours






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