23rd March 2023: 6.15pm

Inspired by true events, Beans follows a Mohawk girl on the cusp of adolescence who must grow up fast and become her own kind of warrior during the armed stand-off known as the 1990 Oka Crisis.

Tekehentahkhwa, who more often goes by her quirky nickname Beans, spends her time with her sister and constant sidekick, Ruby, and together they carefully avoid the rough and tough kids of their neighbourhood on their reserve in Quebec. At home, Beans’ parents disagree on whether she should leave the reserve for a prestigious high school, and Beans isn’t brave enough to speak up for what she wants.

However, the debate is pushed aside when a peaceful protest at a neighbouring reserve turns into an armed stand-off to protect a burial ground from being desecrated for a golf course expansion. Beans’ community quickly joins the battle in what becomes known as the Oka Crisis. Overnight, her community is cut off from the outside world and, as a result, Beans seeks out the toughest girl she knows in order to prepare her for the racism and violence she confronts as the conflict escalates.

Beans is a thoughtful, stirring reflection by someone who survived it all, quietly demanding acknowledgement not just of her land, but of her life.” – Guy Lodge, Variety

Screening in partnership with the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, and Telefilm Canada, this season of films explores aspects of Canadian society rarely seen on the big screen.

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date & time

date & time

Wed. 23rd March
Duration: 1.5 hours



Queen’s Film Theatre, University Square



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Images: Sebastien Raymond