22nd March: 3.00pm

Changing the Game:
A roadmap for digital tailored to Northern Ireland’s arts and culture organisations’ needs.

When lockdown hit at the end of March 2020, a lot of arts and culture organisations turned to digital so they could continue deliver creativity and offer some hope and respite. Some offered live or pre-recorded events filmed from their living room, others explored complete new ways to present their work. Is there an easy step-by-step process that arts, culture and heritage organisations could follow to kickstart their digital journey?

Supported by the Future Screen NI’s Rewriting the Narrative project and in partnership with Accidental Theatre and Imagine Belfast, thrive undertook a consultation process to better understand their use and knowledge of digital. Based on the insight they discovered, thrive developed a 5-steps framework called ‘Changing the Game’ that NI organisations can use to assess and create their own digital offer.

In this webinar, thrive will share details about their research, what they found and the Changing the Game Framework.

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date & time

date & time

22nd March
(duration: 60 minutes)




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