Boardroom (BA-03-019), Ulster University Belfast campus, York Street
26th March: 12.00pm – 2.00pm

Collaboration for Change (CfC) brings together people who believe there are alternative approaches to being and doing well on this planet and who are actively involved, in various ways, in enabling positive change across the island of Ireland. CfC seeks to open up a space for learning, for peer support, and for fostering practical hope and wise collaborative action.

CfC rejects the notion of TINA (that There Is No Alternative to the way things are). Instead, we believe an alternative is entirely achievable. But more crucially, we believe an alternative to our current way of life is an absolute and immediate necessity. Our current way of doing things, especially our economy, is responsible for global warming and if we keep using and abusing our environment this way, the planet will soon be unable to support human life.

CfC has a small organising group who handle admin and communication but it’s led and driven by all those who join, making it a fully participative citizen-led initiative. Our members include people who are already working for progressive change whether it’s in women’s rights, workers’ rights, transgender rights, disability rights, young people’s rights, LGB rights, participatory democracy, monetary reform, a Basic Income, cooperatives and democratic workplaces, community banking, local currencies, environmental protection, zero waste, the cultural and urban commons. Anybody who has a desire for progressive change is welcome to get involved – whether you already work on a progressive project or whether you simply understand that we can’t go on the way we’re doing and you want to do something about it.

CfC held its first gathering on 6 October 2018 with follow-up gatherings taking place in March and June 2019. Through these gatherings and online contributions in between, two key pieces of work will be completed:

  1. Mapping of progressive movements and initiatives already in place across Ireland as a way of helping us connect with each other and with the work that’s going on.
  2. Programme for Change, a collaborative programme that recognises there’s no ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to positive change. For this reason, the Programme is being designed to include ideas across all societal spheres working in tandem with each other (i.e. social, environmental, political, economic, cultural and civic); so, no matter what your interest, your area of expertise or your current work, if it’s progressive, it has a home here. By combining our efforts in all their diversity, we can offer each other mutual support, solidarity and respect, allowing us to be stronger and more effective than we would be on our own.

Our conversational seminar at the Imagine festival will give you an opportunity to find out more about CfC and to engage in a civic conversation about the change that’s needed and how to make it happen. And you can make a contribution to the CfC Map and Programme for Change by contacting us through email,

date & time

date & time

26th March


Boardroom (BA-03-019), Ulster University, York Street BT15 1ED


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