23rd March: 7.00pm

Disinformation in a Pandemic
This online event will consider what kinds of posts and videos went viral during the Covid pandemic and the threats they have posed in undermining public health messaging.

Misinformation and disinformation have been with us for a long time, but it became particularly noticeable during the Covid pandemic, because of the ease of spreading rumours and fake news via social media. While many memes were innocently forwarded on, other videos and posts were deliberately designed to spread false information, about the virus itself, about the lockdowns, and of course, the vaccinations.

At this online event we will consider what kinds of posts and videos went viral, and why? What threats did they, and currently, pose in undermining public health messaging?

To discuss these issues, we have Christine Bohan, Deputy Editor of The Journal.ie, talking about the work they do to fact-check some of the claims and myths that have been circulating since the pandemic began.

Allan Leonard, from Fact Check NI, will look at the important role of independent fact-checkers during a public health crisis. Our other guest is Claire Milne, Deputy Editor, Full Fact, who leads on work relating to Health and Social Care.

The event is organised by Inside Ireland – the online news magazine aiming to inform and promote discussion.

Find out more: insideireland.ie

date & time

date & time

23rd March
(duration: 60 minutes)




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