22nd March: 7.00pm

DIY Renters’ Manifesto Workshop
Join Renters’ Voice to talk about issues for private renters in NI and make your own DIY Renters’ Manifesto to help bring about change!

If you rent from a private landlord or letting agent, join our free online event to:

  • Talk about tenants’ rights and opportunities to shape reform of private renting in NI.
  • Discuss common issues, suggest solutions and build solidarity.
  • Make your own DIY Renters’ Manifesto highlighting the issues that need to change!

Book today and we’ll send you a ‘DIY Renters’ Manifesto’ pack to use during the workshop. This will include items such as stencils, pens and a range of images and text related to home and life in the private rented sector. You can also add to the resources provided by cutting out images or text from magazines or leaflets around your home. The more creative the better!

On the evening, tenants from Renters’ Voice will tell you more about our activities so far, provide opportunities to discuss experiences of living in rented accommodation and encourage participants to think of solutions to common challenges and what policy changes might make renting – and our everyday lives – easier.

Then we’ll get to the creative bit! We’ll encourage you to make a visual representation of you views and experiences, using your ‘DIY Renters’ Manifesto’ pack. No artistic talent or previous experience is necessary. This will be an inclusive and supportive space where tenants can share their vision of a better private rented sector. The session will be led by facilitators from Renters’ Voice, who will encourage participants to reflect on their experiences.

Towards the end of the workshop, you will be encouraged to share your Renters’ Manifesto and submit it to Renters’ Voice. With permission, we will compile and promote the manifestos across social media, and use them to lobby for material improvements in the sector.

We will also tell participants about further opportunities to get involved in Renters’ Voice and to make their voices stronger as private renters.

Our workshop is inspired by:

Renters’ Manifestos: Across the UK and Ireland, different groups of tenants have come together to build Renters’ Manifestos, used to advocate for key changes to private renting, like greater security and stronger legal protections for tenants.

Zine-making: This is a DIY process where people express themselves by compiling Zines on topics close to their hearts. We’ve especially been inspired by community Zine-Makers during the Covid-19 pandemic and by collage-making approaches where anyone can take part!

We look forward to meeting you on 22nd March!

Renters’ Voice is a group for private renters in NI who want to make renting better for everyone. We are supported by Housing Rights and funded by Nationwide Foundation but our voice is our own.

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date & time

date & time

Tuesday 22nd March
Duration: 2 hours






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