26th March: 8.00pm

Happy Birthday Northern Ireland!
The Long And The Short Of The Creation Of Northern Ireland,
with Dr David Hume and Tim McGarry.

In the popular Radio Ulster programme The Long and the Short of It, historian David Hume, and comedian and keen amateur historian, Tim McGarry, have spent several series learning about and then disagreeing about all aspects of Irish history. Now in this special live event Tim and David turn their attention to a very topical and controversial subject – the very creation of Northern Ireland.

In 2021 Northern Ireland as a distinct political entity will be 100 years old and it is fair to say that the commemorations will be a game of two halves!

While unionists will be celebrating the centenary, nationalists will not, as they see the outworkings of the 1920 Government of Ireland Act as nothing much to write home (to Dublin) about!

Tim is a lapsed Papist and David is an Orangeman so expect some lively debate over this formative and violent time in our history from two very different perspectives.

Taking on the period from the Home Rule crisis of 1912 through to the Irish Civil War of 1922/23, Tim and David will tackle some of the many questions that this fascinating period throws up such as:

  • Did Edward Carson cause the 1916 Rebellion?
  • Was the partition of Ireland inevitable?
  • When and how did the nine counties of Ulster become the six counties of Northern Ireland?
  • Did the Irish Civil War save Northern Ireland?

Expect differing opinions as the pair consider whether nationalists simply failed to understand Ulster unionism, whether unionists turned their back on those in Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal and whether Irish nationalists also abandoned their compatriots in the north.

The evening will answer the question of how we came to be in the state we’re in.

Tim and David come from very different backgrounds. Their disagreements are very real but their arguments are based on mutual respect and they will always bring a sense of humour. Yes, these are serious and controversial events and our history is often hotly disputed but Tim and David will bring a lightness of touch to proceedings. David may have more facts than Tim but you can expect Tim to bring more jokes than David!

David Hume is an author, broadcaster, commentator and historian.
Tim McGarry stars in Give My Head Peace and presents The Blame Game and Pop Goes Northern Ireland.

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date & time

date & time

26th March
(duration: 60 minutes)




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