McHugh’s Basement Bar, 29-31 Queen’s Square
29th March: 8.00pm – 1.00am (doors 7.45pm)

Recent studies have shown that the ideas contained within the lyrics of popular songs have become far simpler in recent years, with fewer songs investigating political ideas than in earlier periods of popular music.

This event, produced by Eileen Walsh of Together in Pieces Interactive in conjunction with The Beehive Network, will investigate the connection between lyric writing and ideas and the difficulties of connecting the two in modern song-writing. This will be followed by a live performance of Belfast-based groove bands Scream Blue Murmur plus One Night in Babylon.

Limited tickets on the door. Age 18+.

8.00pm-9.30pm: Has Pop Really Eaten Itself?

A light-hearted discussion about lyrics, political ideas and the art of song-writing hosted by Eileen Walsh, presenter and producer of the Weekly Arts Show on Drive 105 in Derry and featuring Dave Randall, acclaimed Faithless guitarist and author of Sound System: The Political Power of Music, Gordon Hewitt, founder of radical spoken word groove and funk band Scream Blue Murmur, plus special guest panellists Ursula Burns, the Most Dangerous Harpist in the World and Paul Fox, singer/songwriter (aka Coastal).

9.45pm-10.30pm: One Night in Babylon

Part of The Beehive Network, gothic jazz pop band One Night in Babylon will perform a dizzying set that evolves into raw psychedelic witchcraft with breakbeat drums and electro keys, so get ready to dance!

10.45pm-12.00am: Scream Blue Murmur plus DJ Troya

Belfast-based groove band Scream Blue Murmur are also members of The Beehive Network. Formed in 2006, they burst from the delicate Irish poetry scene kicking down perceptions, traditions and expectations on their whirlwind tours across the globe. Scream Blue Murmur push the boundaries of traditional spoken word, blending it with chants, dubstep beats and annoyingly catchy tunes. Be warned – this is not a spectator sport. Prepare to hit the dancefloor!

Around the witching hour, DJTroya, one of Northern Ireland’s first female house music Dj’s will take over to close the evening.

date & time

date & time

Fri. 29th March


McHugh’s Bar,
29-31 Queen’s Sq., BT1 3FG


£10/£6 for all three events. £5/£3 for individual events.

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