27th March: available here from 5.40pm

The coronavirus crisis is challenging political systems all over the world. In this discussion Alan Meban will tease out the possible impacts on political culture locally and internationally with our special guest Gráinne Walsh.

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As Paul Mason has recently written:

“China arrested the bloggers who reported the outbreak of the coronavirus. Iran blamed the US. Donald Trump claimed the disease was a ‘Democrat hoax’. Russian TV claimed that it had been engineered by Trump. Italy’s Matteo Salvini blamed African migrants. Whatever biological science eventually concludes about coronavirus, the political science is conclusive: in country after country, the fundamental flaws of governance, ideology and civil society are being laid bare by the Covid-19 epidemic, and in places where it hasn’t even really started.”

Gráinne Walsh is the Director of Stratagem, one of NI’s leading public affairs consultancies. She has spent over 15 years helping organisations shape politics and policy in Northern Ireland and has worked extensively at Westminster, as well as in Whitehall and local government. A member of the Institute of Directors and the Public Affairs Board of the PRCA, she sits on the board of Arts & Business Northern Ireland.

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date & time

27th March


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