Ormeau Baths, Ormeau Avenue
13th March: 10.30am – 3.30pm (doors 10.00am)

How do politics and cultures influence our lives. What can we do actively to promote cultural awareness and celebration of diversity?

The full day programme is as follows:

  1. Setting the Scene: Experiences locally. Experiences internationally. Guest Speakers/ Panel involving Angus Lambkin, CRAICNI Human Rights Advisor, UN; lan Mc Bride, Wave Trauma Centre; Pelagie Buchanan, survivor of the Rwandan Genocide; and CRAICNI Team Member Assia Al -Zarruk, issues in the Middle East.
  2. Facilitated dialogue arising from the issues raised by the panel – discussion to be facilitated by Jim O’Neill, Community Dialogue.
  3. Speed-Dating the Cultures living in Northern Ireland: Facilitated by trainers, small groups will consider a variety of cultures including Irish Travellers, Filipinos, Spanish, Chinese, Polish and Nigerian. Do the politics and cultures of people’s countries of origins impact on people’s lives here? What similarities or differences are there between cultures and countries?
  4. Activism: What can we do actively in the world of culture and politics? Examples of good practice in promoting cultural awareness and diversity eg. sports, music, dance, arts and cuisine.


  • Dr Robin Wilson, Expert on the Northern Ireland problem, Advisor to the Council of Europe on intercultural integration
  • Alan Mc Bride, Manager, Wave Trauma Centre
  • Pelagie Buchanan, survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, CRAICNI Team Member
  • Ola Sobieraj, Polish bilingual advocate and intercultural trainer.
date & time

date & time

13th March


Ormeau Baths, Ormeau Avenue, BT2 8HS


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