27th March: 5.00pm

Imagining a Fairer Future:
The Covid 19 pandemic has exacted a heavy toll, causing significant global hardship and pain, while also laying bare the deep inequalities that exist in our societies.

It has also, like other global disruptions before it, forced innovation as well as providing the opportunity to think about how we can build change for the future. In this event, Social Change Initiative (SCI) brings together global thinkers and activists to share their ideas and thoughts around what needs to be done.

We hear a lot about ‘building back better’ from the pandemic, but what about creating a fairer world?

Starting with a short, thought provoking video montage of ideas, this session explores the experiences of a diverse group of contributors involved in advocating for a fairer world who share their thoughts on what Covid has meant for them and the environment they operate in.

These individuals share their hopes and fears for the post-Covid world focusing on the change they believe needs to happen. This session also examines the innovation and improvements that have been triggered by a global crisis and how this type of thinking can be harnessed and sustained.

The session includes a short panel discussion exploring the relevance of these ideas in a Northern Ireland context.

Contributors include Tim Dixon (More In Common), Eleni Takou (Human Rights 360), Deepa Lyer (Building Movement Project), Brad Brockman (Tshishimani Centre for Activist Education), Teresa Buczkowska (Immigrant Council of Ireland) and Sharon Friel (Australian National University). Christine Bell (Professor of Constitutional Law at Edinburgh University and SCI Board Member) will chair a discussion with a panel of local activists.

Find out more: socialchangeinitiative.com

date & time

date & time

27th March
(duration: 60 minutes)




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Image: Ryan Simpson