24th March 2023: 10.00am

Imagining our democratic futures
All around the world, liberal democracies are falling apart. Meanwhile, we consistently receive the message that this is the best we can do, and that the only alternative is autocracy. But democracy is not a single idea – it is a broad and diverse field, variously imagined and practised throughout human history. Our current democratic monoculture is a poor reflection of this diversity.

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Democracy Day 2023

In this workshop, we look at democracy as a site for creativity and imagination. We will invite provocations and disruptions to our ideas of what democracy means. We will deconstruct the components of democracy – parliaments, governments, courts, civil society, the media, markets, communities, and citizens. And we will ask, if we are to build a democracy fit to tackle the multiple and overlapping crises we currently face, in what formation might we reassemble them, what might we retire, and what might we want to add?

This workshop will be designed and delivered by Involve – a leading public participation charity that specialises in the theory and practice of participatory and deliberative democracy. It will be fun, lively, and interactive and is for anyone who thinks that we can, and should, do politics differently.

Age 16+.

Learn more:  involve.org.uk • Twitter • Facebook

date & time

date & time

Fri. 24th March
Duration: 2 hours



The David Hill Studio, Crescent Arts Centre, University Rd.



Free admission.

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