25th March: 8.00pm

Launch of the Belfast Alley Map with 9ft in Common.
Join 9ft in Common for this talk as they launch the emergent Belfast Alley Map. They will share notes from their investigation into the unfulfilled potential of Belfast’s oft-neglected back alleys as places for connection and rewilding in the city.

We will discuss: Who owns them? Who can use them, and how?

The event will touch on other stories and findings from this and previous, related research and collaborations into divided space, connection, engagement, place-making and spatial tactics.

They will raise questions and share new ideas from near and far for what Belfast’s alleys could be, in a discursive platform with input from artist/curator Meadhbh McIIgorm (Liminal Belfast). Audience contributions will be welcome.

Belfast Alley Map Launch is programmed as part of Limin-alley, which is a partnership project of Liminal Space Belfast and 9ft in Common, supported by the Imagine! Belfast Festival and funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

9ft in Common is an investigation of an infrastructure of alleyways, Belfast’s wild and liminal spaces. Developed by Creative practitioner Amberlea Neely (Starling Start) and architect Aisling Rusk (Studio idir).

Liminal Belfast is a platform for pop-up exhibitions ‘in between spaces’ developed by artist and creative producer Meadhbh McIlgorm.

This event is part of the Limin-alley Project: Explore alleys. Discover art. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our relationships with public space across the city. The oft-neglected network of entries and alleyways between Belfast’s terrace houses in particular are underutilised spaces which hold great potential for civic activism as has been seen in community initiatives such as Wildflower Alley or Open Ormeau.

In this unusual and super-socially distanced project, local artists and designers will use the emergent ‘Belfast Alley Map’ developed by 9ft in Common, to locate several artistic interventions in alleyways across south and east Belfast, responding to the liminal and transitory nature of these ‘in-between spaces’ and their untapped potential.

Audiences are encouraged to use the map to seek out the exhibition pieces and engage with these underused spaces in the process. Visitors can also share their own experiences and thoughts prompted by these explorations using #limin-alley on social media to contribute to a wider discourse on the future of these spaces.

The works will also be presented online at liminalspacebelfast.com

Find out more: liminalspacebelfast.com 9ft in common meadhbhmcilgorm.com starlingstart.com studioidir.com instagram

date & time

date & time

25th March:
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