25th March: 8.00pm

Belfast Alley Map Conversation with 9ft in Common.
Join creative practitioner Amberlea Neely and architect Dr Aisling Rusk from 9ft in Common for this talk about the Belfast Alley Map. They will share notes from their investigation into the unfulfilled potential of Belfast’s oft-neglected back alleys as places for connection and rewilding in the city.

They will discuss: Who owns them? Who can use them, and how?

The event will touch on other stories and findings from this and previous, related research and collaborations into divided space, connection, engagement, place-making and spatial tactics.

They will raise questions and share new ideas from near and far for what Belfast’s alleys could be, in a discursive platform with input from artist/curator Meadhbh McIIgorm (Liminal Belfast).

Audience contributions will be welcome.

Belfast Alley Map Conversation is part of 9ft in Common, which is supported by Necessity.

The event is programmed as part of Limin-alley, which is a partnership project of Liminal Space Belfast and 9ft in Common, supported by the Imagine! Belfast Festival and funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Find out more: liminalspacebelfast.com 9ft in common meadhbhmcilgorm.com starlingstart.com studioidir.com instagram

date & time

date & time

25th March:
(duration: 60 minutes)




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