23rd March: 7.00pm

Let’s Imagine a ‘New Normal’!
An opportunity to explore and share aspirations for an alternative to ‘getting back to normal’ post-pandemic. What should a ‘new normal’ look like?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a light on the inadequacies of the status quo – economically, ecologically, politically… This is not the normal that we need to get back to! So …what should a ‘new normal’ be like? Are there aspirations for a better normal that we share and can articulate? And what does this mean for our ways of being and doing? This conversational seminar will explore answers to these questions.

The session will be hosted and facilitated by members of the South Belfast Eco-Quaker Group, with support from the International Futures Forum (IFF). It will include closing reflections from John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy at QUB.

Since September ’20, several members of the South Belfast Eco-Quaker Group have been organising and hosting a series of civic conversations related to the challenges of the ecological and climatic emergencies. These ‘Eco-Quaker Conversations’ bring together citizens from within and beyond communities of Quakers across the island of Ireland and beyond. The gatherings are an expression of a shared commitment to values such as simplicity, stewardship, equity and peace – commitment that requires serious engagement with complex and difficult issues and wise action, individually and collectively. The intention is that the conversations will be both educative and helpful to the search for ways to enact constructive responses for the common good.

The International Futures Forum (IFF) is a registered charity, centred in Scotland, with a mission to enable people and organisations to flourish in powerful times – in a world that we struggle to understand and that we can’t control, where we often feel overwhelmed, in over our heads. IFF works to foster practical hope and support wise initiative. It offers practices and tools that are helpful to people who are making a difference in the face of all that stands in the way of making a difference.

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date & time

date & time

23rd March
(duration: 120 minutes)




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Image: Jennifer Williams