25th March: from 7.00pm

Made In France: In The Name Of War
Can a weapons manufacturer be tried for complicity in a war crime? For a year and a half, filmmakers Alice Odiot and Sophie Nivelle-Cardinale followed the progress of an investigation likely to shake the impunity of the arms industry.

Available on QFT Player from 7.00pm on Thursday 25th March – free to watch for 24 hours.

During the Gaza War in 2014, an Israeli missile partially created by a French company hit three Palestinian children on the roof of their own house. The families of these children are left enraged, and they demand those responsible to be punished. But how can they fight against this French company, the third largest exporter of weapons in the world? “An accomplice to a crime is a person who knowingly assisted or facilitated it.” – this is the legal argument taken by Joseph Breham, the lawyer who represents the relatives of the children that were killed.

The directors filmed a secret and singular legal fight in a film constructed like a thriller, following step-by-step the family’s battle for justice – a fight between David and Goliath.

This film was programmed for Imagine! by LUMI Young Programmers – find out more at queensfilmtheatre.com/LUMI.

Dir: Sophie Nivelle-Cardinale & Alice Odiot | 2020 | France | 52 mins | Subtitled

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25th March
from 7.00pm
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