10th March: 1.00pm

My Bandana: My Embroidered Voice
What does democracy mean to you? Join this online sewing workshop with social justice campaigner Erika Silva, and create a bandana inspired by your ideas. Erika is part of the Chilean activist embroidery group Memorarte.
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In 2020 the Chilean people voted to rewrite their country’s constitution. It had previously been written during a military dictatorship. They decided that the new constitution should be created by elected members of the public. No previous experience of sewing is necessary.

Erika is passionate about the power of embroidery in social justice campaigns. While discussing our individual conceptions of, and visions for democratic processes we will sew bandanas.

These workshops are organised by Dr Lorna Dillon, Leverhulme Fellow at Ulster University as part of the research project Textile Art in Latin America. There are only 10 places available so if interested please sign up as soon as possible.

“A bandana that I wear over my mouth conveys what I feel, what I want to demand and what annoys me about democracy in my country. A bandana expresses an idea but placed over the face, photographed and shared on social media the message resonates even further.” Erika Silva, Memorarte

The art collective Memorarte stitch embroideries and make appliqués, which they use in a variety of campaigns for different kinds of justice. 

For Erika, visual expressions like this are vital to democracy. They say more than speech, and somehow move people communicating through what they show.
Join us to discuss these ideas and create your own bandana.

For this free workshop participants will need:

  • A triangle of material (the base for the bandana), like the one in the image. Materials that don’t fray are ideal e.g. felt
  • Thread that contrasts in colour with the bandana
  • Needle and scissors

Participants will also have the opportunity (if they wish) to visit an online exhibition and respond to a questionnaire about the workshop for the research project Textile Art in Latin America.

If there is additional demand, an additional workshop could be organized on 17th March at 2pm .

Find out more: threadsofunity.orgarpilleristas del mundo on facebook

date & time

date & time

10th March
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This virtual event is free

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