22nd March: 2.00pm

Never The Same:
An Artist Talk by Sinéad O’Neill-Nicholl.

Sinéad O’Neill-Nicholl will give an artist talk about her project with the families and relatives of those who were killed and injured in the McGurk’s Bar bombing of 1971. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the bombing, the artist is working with the families to record their personal memories around grief and loss and to provide a space for them to share their experience.

‘Never the Same’ is an online and a site-specific project that consists of a GPS activated audio installation and online recordings. The audio installations will be produced from recorded conversations with the relatives of those killed in the McGurk’s Bar bombing of 1971. The focus of the conversations will primarily address the subject of grief and loss and allow the relatives to share their personal memories and to discuss the impact of the bombing on subsequent generations.

Over the course of 2021, the fiftieth anniversary year of the McGurk’s Bar bombing, Sinéad O’Neill-Nicholl will record conversations with the relatives of those who were killed in the bombing. The resultant recordings and interactive audio installation will provide a dedicated space to recall memory and explore the impact of loss, outside of the media ‘gaze’, which often adopts a very politicised viewpoint. The recordings, available throughout the festival, will form the initial stage of this body of work, with subsequent events taking place throughout 2021.

Accessing the site specific installation

Users accessing the GPS-triggered audio installation should download the Echoes Explorer App from https://explore.echoes.xyz in advance of visiting the site of the McGurk’s Bar memorial. In addition, users should have all available location settings activated for the duration of their visit to the site. There is no requirement for listeners to create an account when using the Echoes account and recordings will automatically be available to the listener when the GPS on their mobile device is activated.

About the artist

Sinéad O’Neill-Nicholl is an artist working with a range of new media to create audio installations and who engages in live art performance to explore themes of gender, identity, truth and justice. Through the creation of spatial audio environments, Sinéad uses the agency of sound as a method of resistance.

Sinéad’s practice has become increasingly focused on manipulating sound recordings of the female voice, through post-production techniques and audio editing software. Using these techniques, she examines the power structures created through language in the context of truth, knowledge and justice and is further interested in the methods used to silence the voice of the ‘other’. Sinéad is further interested on the impact of gender, identity and socio-economic status in accessing the criminal justice system.

By creating a kind of subversive ‘sonorous envelope’, Sinéad is interested in creating an experiential environment that moves beyond the occularcentric system toward a phenomenological investigation; giving priority to spatial auditory experiences and allowing a place for the ‘other’ to be present.

Working at the intersection of contemporary fine art and technology, Sinead is a current Trustee and active member of Vault Artist Studios and received the 2020 Catalyst/Kilkenny Exchange Award, 2020 University of Atypical Graduate Award and 2019 Arts Council NI SIAP award.

About the Campaign for Truth

The Campaign for Truth is a family campaign dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims of the McGurk’s Bar bombing on 4th December 1971. Through the website, mcgurksbar.com/campaign/ the campaign exposes the facts and circumstances surrounding the bombing.

Find out more: mcgurksbar.com  sineadonart.cominstagramvimeo

date & time

date & time

22nd March
(duration: 60 minutes)




This virtual event is free
Image: Kristi Campbell