The ARC (Arts Resource Centre), 7 Donegall St. Place
14th March: 7.00pm – 8.00pm (doors 6.30pm)

No sacrifice: fighting back against zoning people and places as disposable. With Asad Rehman, Director of War on Want.

Asad Rehman took over as Director of War on Want in 2017, after nearly a decade as Head of International Climate at Friends of the Earth.

He was a key contributor to Naomi Klein’s climate justice book, film and engagement project, This Changes Everything, which explored the intersectionality between climate injustice and the wider racial, socio-economic and geographical oppression emanating from capitalism.

In this lecture, Asad will explain how extractive and exploitative capitalism designates geographical regions, entire human cultures and races, and the future of life as we know it on planet earth as expendable in the name of short term profit.

From the right to economic autonomy of working class communities in the north of England, to the right to remain of some of the oldest civilisations in human history, no one is safe from being classified as disposable.

What can and do people do to protect themselves from the ravages of global capital, and how can we in Northern Ireland tap into a growing movement worldwide that is fighting to prevent all of our futures becoming a sacrifice zone?

Most importantly, how can we move the environmental movement away from middle class conservationism, and towards an inclusive, socially, economically and racially just movement, that works for everyone in our own society as well as the human race as a whole?

NB. Please note change of venue.

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date & time

Wednesday 14th March


Arts Resource Centre, 7 Donegall St. Place, BT1 2FN


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