28th March: 7.30pm

Storming the Capitol:
Trump, the far right and state failure in the USA, with Paul Mason.

Paul Mason analyses the far-right insurrection of 6 January, arguing that while Donald Trump does not conform to the classic definition of fascism, the far-right threat to democracy has mutated. Western democracies are no longer facing small, isolated far-right nostalgia groups but a co-created online fantasy of misogyny and racism that institutions are ill cut out to deal with. In a preview of his coming book How to Stop Fascism, Paul argues we need stronger constitutions and new political alliances to defeat the threat.

Paul Mason is a journalist, writer, film-maker and public speaker. His most recent book Clear Bright Future: A radical defence of the human being explores the moral, political and economic challenges posed by the current crisis of democracy and the coming challenge of intelligent machines.

He is the author of six books, including Postcapitalism, Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere and Rare Earth: A Novel. As economics editor at both BBC Newsnight (2001-13) and Channel 4 News (2013-16) he won numerous awards and plaudits, including the Africa Business Reporter of the Year, RTS Specialist Reporter of the Year and the Wincott Award.

In 2016 Paul quit public service TV journalism in order to free himself from its impartiality constraints, throwing himself into the Brexit crisis and the emergence of a radical left within social democracy.

He writes a weekly column for the New Statesman, and contributes to the Guardian, Freitag and Le Monde Diplomatique. He is a frequent guest on opinion-forming TV and radio shows, including BBC Newsnight, DemocracyNow!, BBC Politics Live and BBC Question Time.

Find out more: paulmason.org @paulmasonnews

date & time

date & time

28th March
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