23rd & 24th March 2023: 7.30pm

Premiere of Reunion by Julie Dutkiewicz
Grace hasn’t seen her siblings in ten years.
Not that she didn’t want to…it just wasn’t an option.
He wouldn’t allow it.

Years later, finally together again and no one knows where to begin.
A decade of christenings and birthdays and funerals.
But they all know it started with him.

So, sitting in a room no one wants to be in, having a conversation nobody should ever have to have, one family finally gets the chance.
For Reunion.

A play about family, love and everything that went before.

Grace: ‘People expect me to be fixed, like I’ve been freed from a cage and I should run wild and start again. Take what I want just like that. But I don’t know what I want. I’m not sure I’ll ever know. I thought it would feel different. I think it might be hard for a while longer do you?’

Reunion looks at preconceptions of a domestic violence victim and what it takes to survive.

This is a play for anyone who knows a Grace, have been her or still are.

Written by Julie Dutkiewicz
Directed by Paula McFetridge
Produced by Kabosh as part of the Imagine! Festival of Ideas and Politics.

Cast: Cathy Brennan-Bradley, Louise Mathews and Vincent Higgins
Image by Victoria J. Dean

With post-show panel discussion.
Supported by Arts Council of NI, Belfast City Council and Garfield Weston Foundation. 

date & time

date & time

23rd & 24th March



Vault Artist Studios, Tower Street




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