25th-26th March

Second Collective presents for exhibition a series of artworks by women artists in the emerging stages of their practice. The exhibition at Arcade Studios will include work by Martina Hynan, Sarah Louise Lordan, Michaela Nash, Nina Oltarzewska and Eimear Nic Roibeaird.

‘She/Her/They/Them/We’ includes a gallery exhibition along with a series of events, interventions and workshops, taking place at Arcade Studios, Vault Artist Studios and throughout Belfast. The two day experience will showcase a series of artworks that challenge the representation and experiences of women in contemporary culture and examine the impact of patriarchal systems on the perception of identity.

The exhibition at Arcade Studios will include work by Martina Hynan, Sarah Louise Lordan, Michaela Nash, Nina Oltarzewska and Eimear Nic Roibeaird.

Rosalind Lowry will create a series of temporary ‘earth prints’ located throughout Belfast, highlighting the contributions of influential women on the city. Produced from handmade blocks the prints will create visual impressions in celebration of these women. Due to the organic nature of the prints, they will naturally deteriorate over time and will be documented and posted online Instagram @secondcollectivebelfast and secondcollectivebelfast.com over the course of the festival.

Rachel Macmanus will create a durational public performance at Vault Artist Studios, Belfast. The performance will involve the artist packing and unpacking a large suitcase full of items over a period of several hours and functioning as a social commentary on consumerism, ownership and the anxiety of increasingly chaotic lifestyles. Often the matriarchal figure bears the responsibility of packing and organising the household’s belongings and in this way the work affords an opportunity to examine the role of women as caregivers.

Emma Campbell and Clodagh Lavelle will present ‘Amaz-zine’ a zine making workshop on 25 March at 6pm in Vault Artist Studios. Registration is needed elsewhere on this website with places limited.

Meet the Artists

Martina Hynan is a PhD researcher with the Centre for Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway. She is an artist, curator and member of The Elephant Collective, birth activists. Her creative practice with research PhD is an interdisciplinary project that explores the entanglement of birth with place.

Sarah Louise Lordan works predominantly with photography; exploiting the limits of image-making to create thought-provoking and conceptual artworks. Inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the experience of her artworks, Lordan attempts to reveal the hidden truths found in the underbelly of psychosocial dynamics through visuals and written word.

Michaela Nash is an artist and arts writer. She was born in Belfast and is based with a studio at the Flax Arts Emerging Artist Programme. She is queer, and multiracial with Irish, French and Merina Malagasy origins. Her personal experiences frame larger explorations of queer ecology, belonging/home and the body/the land in her artwork and writing. She works with painting, photography, sculpture and video installation. Her writing spans hybridised and experimental art writing; which incorporates art criticism, prose, poetry and personal essay into texts that add an ekphrastic layer to an artwork or exhibition.

Nina Oltarzewska is a French artist born in 1998 and based in Belfast. She works with sound, video and performance as well as sculpture and installation. She completed her BA(Hons) Fine Art at the Belfast School of Art in July 2021. She has since received five graduate awards from the following institutions: Bbeyond, Platform Arts, Pollen, the University of Atypical and PS2. She will be commencing a Fine Art Masters at the Chelsea School of Art and Design (UAL) in September 2022.

Eimear Nic Roibeaird is a painter from Belfast. A graduate of Belfast School of Art in 2020, she has previously been included in group exhibitions and most recently had her first solo show in the Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich, Gerard Dillion Gallery. Growing up in an Irish language community, Nic Roibeaird holds a strong connection to her Gael culture. She has a love and pride in her Gael heritage and native language of Gaeilge. Her work is inspired by the mythology tales of Irish women and of the very real Irish women imprisoned in the Magdalene laundries. It was from the artists own research into the laundries and knowledge of myth, that Nic Roibeaird saw a link between these women of lore and real. That these women had suffered the stigma of shame and censorship. It is these which influences her painting and drawing work.

Rosalind Lowry is an artist from Northern Ireland who works with a range of media to create site specific land art, installations and sculpture. The main influences on her work are the historical human commodification of the land by man, the disappearing Irish landscape and its heritage and folklore, leading to ecological destruction and social conflict, and the presence and labour of women in the Irish landscape.

Rachel Macmanus is a visual artist based in Co Clare. Her practice encompasses drawing and performance art. Her drawing practise is rooted in community based collaborative projects which allow an ongoing exploration into her social and geographical surroundings. Her performance practice is shaped by her prior career as a fitness instructor and her current roles as artist and carer. She employs endurance based tasks and repetitive actions as a way to experience how it feels to be present in a space.

About Second Collective

Second Collective is an arts organisation dedicated to supporting mature female artists by providing short-term residencies, paid exhibition opportunities, practical and mentoring support and by promoting learning and skill sharing opportunities for women in the fine art sector and beyond.

Second Collective is dedicated to helping those women most likely to leave the arts sector and who have difficulty accessing the arts. In previous years, we have created, managed and curated exhibition opportunities for mature female artists and supported the artistic practices of emerging and established artists.

Second Collective understand the arts sector and are committed to addressing the issues that affect female artists working in non-traditional media, such as sculpture, installation and performance art and who are experiencing a variety of support needs as mature women, in the early stages of an art career.

Following on from their work at last years’ Imagine! Festival, they have extended their programme with the aim of building connections and developing a more supportive art sector. This year they intend to celebrate our differences and commonalities in a way that amplifies women’s experience and allows collective contribution.

NB. Please note that unfortunately Arcade Studios is not an accessible venue, the gallery is located on the first floor and there is no lift available.

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date & time

date & time

25th-26th March



Arcade Studios,
35 Donegall Street



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