25th March: available here from 7.50pm

Stateless nations in the new UK — with Robin McAlpine.

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As the UK exits the EU it faces many of the same problems of democracy and legitimacy it claims to be leaving the EU to escape – centralisation, lack of democratic accountability, lack of localism and a sense of dislocation. What lessons are there from Scotland for where the UK goes next?

Robin McAlpine is the Director of the Common Weal think tank and was the first director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation. He has worked for 25 years in journalism, public affairs, political strategy and policy. He writes for a wide range of sources on Scottish politics and is the author of a number of books including Determination: How Scotland can become independent by 2021. He first began to develop on economic philosophy based around the idea of a ‘common weal’ at the Jimmy Reid Foundation, before leaving in 2014 to set up the Common Weal project as a think tank in its own right.

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date & time

25th March


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