Academy Room (BA-00-008), Ulster University Belfast campus, York St.
26th March: 12.30pm – 2.00pm

Presented by James Stovald and Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley
Cherish-DE, Digital Economy Crucible, Swansea University

Ever wondered how ants know how to work together so well? Or how starlings know how to change direction at the same time?

This talk will introduce the wonderful world of swarm intelligence. Using examples from the natural world, we will look at how researchers are decoding the behaviour of animals to produce robot systems that work together to solve problems.

Imagine a world where medicine is delivered in your body by thousands of nanobots working together, or where oil spills are cleaned up autonomously by a team of robot boats, or where survivors are located in collapsed buildings by groups of small robots mapping the wreckage. This is the future of robotics. This is swarm robotics.

This event will include a talk followed by a demonstration of these robots performing collective tasks. Audience members are able to come and see the robots first-hand and discuss the research / applications after the talk concludes.

date & time

date & time

26th March


Academy Room (BA-00-008), Ulster University, York St. BT15 1ED


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