26th March: 3.00pm

System Innovation: Why now, why you?
Charles Leadbeater and Jennie Winhall with Linsey Farrell, TEO.

Jennie Winhall and Charles Leadbeater will lay out a framework for system innovation which will explain why it is needed so urgently, who is involved in making it happen and the collaborative action required to bring it about.

Charles Leadbeater has been at the forefront of innovation movements since his report The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur was published in 1997, and advises companies, governments and municipalities around the globe. His bestselling books include We Think: Mass Innovation Not Mass Production, and his influential TED talks on education and open innovation have been watched by millions of people. Charles is a visiting professor at the Institute for Innovation and Public Policy at University College London and a partner in the system innovation agency ALT/Now.

Jennie Winhall is a leading thinker in system innovation. She designs new services and interventions to create systemic social impact, such as the ROCKWOOL Foundation’s employment efforts for young people, NExTWORK. Jennie has spent many years experimenting with how to design interventions that change systems, previously through her work at Participle, featured in Hilary Cottam’s book Radical Help, which launched a series of new public services across the UK that exemplified a new ‘relational’ welfare system.

Urban Villages case study presented by Linsey Farrell, Director, Urban Villages Initiative and Communities in Transition, The Executive Office.

Stacey King will chair the session. Stacey is Senior Executive at a leading tech company, former adjunct Professor of Law in Washington, D.C., Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and Senior Advisor to CDPB.

Find out more: green paper on system innovation charlesleadbeater.net

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date & time

26th March
(duration: 60 minutes)




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