25th March: 7.00pm

The Global Digital Democracy Showcase: It’s Possible Now!
This online event, hosted by the Dublin-based Solonian Democracy Institute, presents a chance to learn from developers and entrepreneurs working on the cutting edge of technology around the world.

Much has been made about the alleged dangers of conducting politics and democracy online, from concern surrounding “fake news”, to “toxic debating cultures” and the general “harms” of social media. However, these talking points frequently obscure and misunderstand digital democracy, which is very different than social media.

Instead, a vibrant and sophisticated landscape of eDemocracy solutions already exists, from Participatory Budgeting to Citizen Consultation, and from Online Ideation to Voting.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring speakers from three of the most promising solutions today:

  • Estonian online petition platform Rahvaalgatus which has collected over 170,000 signatures and made over 140 submissions to the Estonian parliament.
  • Canadian public consultation and mass participation platform Civil Space, whose sophisticated technology encourages continuous participation and even detects abusive language and nudges users to rephrase contributions.
  • US-based online democracy organisation Voatz, which has enabled Blockchain-secured voting in over 70 US elections.

The panel will be moderated by political philosopher and author Dr. Roslyn Fuller, managing director of the Solonian Democracy Institute (SDI) which produces the annual Digital Democracy Report.

Learn more: solonian-institute.com


Sponsored by the QUB Democracy Unit.

date & time

date & time

Friday 25th March
Duration: 1.5 hours






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