26th March 2023: 1.00pm

The Magnitude Of All Things
The Magnitude of All Things draws intimate parallels between the experiences of grief — both personal and planetary — as stories from the frontlines of climate change merge with recollections from Sundance award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Abbott’s childhood on Ontario’s Georgian Bay.

When director Jennifer Abbott (The Corporation) lost her sister to cancer, her sorrow opened her up to the profound gravity of climate breakdown. This cinematic journey takes us around the world to witness a planet in crisis: from Australia’s catastrophic fires and dying Great Barrier Reef, to the island nation of Kiribati, drowned by rising sea levels. In Nunatsiavut, melting ice permanently alters the landscape, while in the Amazon rainforest, Indigenous people fight a desperate battle against oil and mining extraction.

Abbott presents raw testimonies that coalesce into an extraordinary tapestry, woven together with raw emotion and a staggering beauty that transforms darkness into light and grief into action.

“The Magnitude of All Things poetically conveys how anyone at peace with the world has a responsibility to save it…as poignant as it is provocative.” Pat Mullen, POV Magazine 

Screening in partnership with the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, and Telefilm Canada, this season of films with QFT explores aspects of Canadian society rarely seen on the big screen.

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date & time

Sun. 26th March
Duration: 1.5 hours



Queen’s Film Theatre, University Square



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