The Black Box Green Room, Hill Street
18th March: 3.00pm – 5.00pm

How to use mind control like Donald Trump.

Alex Kazam is a professional magician with an interest in persuasion. He predicted President Trump’s win in September 2013, when Trump was considered a joke candidate who wouldn’t even make it through the early stages of the leadership primaries. His prediction was not based on Trump’s policies or politics. He recognised that Trump is a master persuader – a person with a secret arsenal of linguistic skills designed to defeat opponents and capture the imaginations of millions. Far from being a lunatic or idiot, Trump is in fact a genius who has carefully crafted a persona and a persuasive skill set bordering on the hypnotic.

In this lecture, Alex Kazam will take you through Trump’s secret techniques. Whether you are a Trump-lover or hater you can utilise these same principles in your professional and private life. Some of these include:

  • How to make your point memorable by conveying it in visual terms.
  • How to use confirmation bias to defeat your opponents.
  • How to embrace an insult thrown at you, and turn it into a positive.

Perhaps most importantly, you will become aware when someone is trying to use Trump’s techniques on YOU.

date & time

date & time

Sunday 18th March


Black Box, 18-22 Hill Street, BT1 2LA


Tickets £6

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