St. Anne's Cathedral car park, Talbot Street entrance
17th March: 12.00pm – 6.00pm

An open platform for discussion in the contemporary city,

  1. The Public Pulpit speaks rather than being spoken to
  2. The Public Pulpit is owned, and free for use, by everyone
  3. The Public Pulpit aspires to not just communicate the views of an individual, nor the views of the masses, but the views of the masses of individuals
  4. Not to be seen as polemic or dogmatic, The Public Pulpit is an impartial object that is merely pro-public

The Public Pulpit transforms a powerful and authoritative architectural typology into an open platform for discussion in the contemporary city. The traditional Christian pulpit can be understood as a tool or vessel to deliver ‘truths’ to the masses. By bringing the structure out into urban space, a dissolution of hierarchies occurs where people are free to speak ‘from the pulpit’. The Public Pulpit discusses themes both of our increasingly secular society and the politics of urban space. ‘Taking ownership’ is the key message, of one’s own voice, and of public space through appropriation and inclusiveness.

The 3.6m tall structure will stand for one day, and be free for use by all. Scheduled talks following the themes behind the work will begin at midday, with the public encouraged to engage afterwards.

date & time

date & time

Friday 16th March


St Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, BT1 2HB


This event is free

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