Opposite the Celtic Cross at St. Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street
30th March: 12.15pm – 2.00pm

During this small group walk we will discover some of the modern street art, by international artists, Belfast is now becoming known for.

We will also go into the West of the city to view some of the more controversial political murals and hear how Northern Ireland is working with local people to create peace and reconciliation.

As we start our walk in the Cathedral Quarter of the city centre. We’ll see and hear how Belfast is changing through the street art now being produced by International well known artists who arrive for an annual convention of street art. We’ll also hear of the New Belfast now emerging and all of the exciting changes that are happening within it.

We will then view how Belfast is changing as we walk to our next area of interest the Loyalist area of the Shankill Road. Here we will view some of the political murals of the period now known as the Troubles, and hear how they became a part of that difficult struggle, which eventually lead to the peace we now have in Northern Ireland today. Here we will also see street art that the local communities want on their walls, as they move forward to live in more harmonious and peaceful neighbourhoods.

Our next area of interest will be the peace murals and street art on the peace line. Passing through the peace gate and onto the Falls road area of Belfast. On the Falls Road we’ll pass a memorial garden and see political murals of a Nationalist perspective. Organised by Belfastology Walking Tours.

Limited to eight people. Age 18+.

date & time

date & time

Sat. 30th March


St. Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, BT1 2HB


Tickets £10

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