24th March: 7.00pm

What can we do about online abuse?
What can we do about online abuse? What is the local experience of this, and who is more likely to be targets for online trolls? How widespread is the problem on these isles? Through a discussion with local commentators, and a Q &A session, we hope to scratch the surface of this unfortunately topical problem, with which many of us are all too familiar.

We also hope for the event to suggest recommendations to help tackle the problem of online abuse and also to invite suggestions from our audience members.

Hosted by InsideIreland.ie, with Ciaran O’Connor, Amanda Ferguson and Mick Fealty taking part.

Ciaran O’Connor is an Analyst at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), working in the Research and Policy unit. Ciaran specialises in using open-source research to track and monitor disinformation and extremism online, with a particular focus on far-right activity and communication across open and closed networks and platforms. He is the co-author of ISD reports: The Boom Before the Ban: QAnon and Facebook and Disinformation briefing: Narratives around Black Lives Matter and voter fraud.

Amanda Ferguson is a Belfast-based freelance journalist and commentator and has been working as a Northern Correspondent and Ireland stringer for Irish, British and international media outlets for over a decade.

Mick Fealty is a journalist and the founding editor of the acclaimed website Slugger O’Toole. He is a media commentator and facilitator and describes himself as a ‘communitarian thinker-out-loud’.

Dr. Orna Young co-founded Northern Ireland’s first, and only, fact checking organisation in 2015. As the Executive Director of FactCheckNI, she is responsible for developing and executing the organisation’s strategy.

date & time

date & time

Thur. 24th March
Duration: 1.5 hours






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