25th March: 5.00pm

Where do we go from here? The 2022 Assembly election and a potential unity vote: Nicholas Whyte.

This spring’s Assembly election is likely to be an extraordinary political event. For the century since the creation of Northern Ireland, Unionism has successfully dominated election results here; this year, nothing can be considered certain. Northern Ireland’s relationship with the European Union is at the core of the current political crisis.

This also raises the stakes for a potential referendum on Northern Ireland’s future status. What are the international parallels and precedents for such a vote? They are stranger than you might think.

Nicholas Whyte, based in Brussels since 1999 and a Visiting Professor at Ulster University, maintains the leading website on Northern Ireland’s election results, and was also closely involved with the independence processes in Montenegro, Kosovo and South Sudan.

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Sponsored by the QUB Democracy Unit.

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date & time

Friday 25th March
Duration: 1.5 hours






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