25th March: available here from 1.15pm

When people talk of the economic and cultural history of Belfast, seldom does the Whiskey trade get mentioned but its influence was far reaching and lasting. Join Sunday Life Whiskey reviewer and Blue badge guide, Marty McAuley for this talk exploring this history and then watch him try a little sampling at the end as he shows how to savour this much-loved spirit!

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Irish whiskey is the fastest growing premium drink in the world and is currently experiencing a renaissance not seen in two hundred years. Politically, Whiskey has for a long time played a part, both here and abroad. Did you know the first uprising in the, then newly independent, United States was the Whiskey rebellion, and led by many who came from Ulster?

Ulster occupies a unique place in the history of Whiskey. From having the world’s oldest distilling license, granted in 1608, to the stories of Irish monks crossing the ‘narrow sea’ to Scotland and taking with them the water of life, the most northern part of Ireland has always played a part in the story of Whiskey.

This entertaining talk aims to shine a light on this magical story. So whether you call it Whisky, Whuskey, Aqua Vita, Uisce beata or simply Whiskey, tune in to this unique lecture and enjoy the story!

Find out more: ulsterwhiskey.com

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date & time

25th March


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