Do you fancy yourself as the next Franny Armstrong, Alex Gibney or Adam Curtis? Or do you just want to get something off your chest that you think you can do well in a short video on your iPhone?

In either case, why not take part in our exciting new showcase and send us a short video describing the change you want to see in the world?

We want to bring reason and imagination together in a fun, exciting way, based on a political or cultural theme of your choosing. This could take the form of a good old rant or perhaps a short performance or even an animation. You do not need to use specialist high-tech equipment to make the vids – we expect most will be filmed on smartphones or tablets. However, you should think about issues such as shaky filming and poor sound quality and how you can maximise the viewing experience. Also, we would encourage you to be as imaginative as possible and offer new perspectives that challenge established thinking and orthodoxy.

The best entries – not the most technically accomplished films, but the ones that we feel are the most thought-provoking – will be posted on our website and considered for screening at a future festival event.

Your entry should be no longer than two minutes and submitted before the deadline of 18 March 2018. We can only accept one entry per filmmaker. Once you’ve edited your blockbuster and have the video file ready, please e-mail us at with details of your film. Please include details of its title, where it was shot, who’s in it, duration etc. To send a copy of the film itself, please use a file transfer service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer or Hightail.

Important things to note:

It’s important that any people who feature in your video (outside of large crowds) have agreed to be in it! It’s also important that you don’t use any music that’s copyrighted. Therefore, we’d ask that your submission is accompanied with the statement “I confirm that anyone featured in the video has given their permission and that none of the music used is copyright”. Also, for your own protection, please consider using a release form to confirm the consent of those you’re filming.

Here’s the small print:

Participation in the festival competition implies acceptance of the following conditions:

  • Decisions made by the festival management are final. This includes having the final say in sharing videos which should not contravene the values of the festival.
  • The entrant guarantees to have cleared all intellectual property rights and shall indemnify the festival against all liability towards third parties.