your chance to pitch in your top three proposals for change.

The world changed for ever last year and for many of us there has been a fundamental reappraisal of how we want to live as a result of the pandemic. Perhaps now is an opportune moment to consider what we would change if we were in charge.

Imagine! Festival wants to put you into the hotseat of power and hear your top three proposals for change as we kick off a conversation about how to Build Belfast Back Better.

As we grapple with the challenges of living in a pandemic and adapting to the volatility of a post-Brexit world, there is a strong case for embedding an inclusive and evidence-informed democratic culture at the heart of Northern Ireland, and for our political institutions to proactively engage with citizens about how to build a better society.

Our festival programme engages with many of these big issues, but we want to hear your suggestions on what needs to change to realise a better future. So send us your three ideas to Build Belfast Back Better. We need your ideas to be concise and not too silly! Use the form below to send us your proposals and we’ll post the best online.

At the end of the festival, we will collate the proposals for wider circulation, debate them, and have a vote on the most popular. You can see what other people have already submitted here. As you can see we’ve received some great ideas, so add yours to this growing list!

Submit your ideas before 5.00pm on Friday 26th March and keep an eye on our website and podcasts for details of what other people are suggesting as the week progresses.