Accidental Comedy Club

Accidental Comedy Club
Get ready to chuckle, chortle and cheer at Accidental’s Comedy Club, where the extraordinary meets the hilarious.


8:00PM – 9:30PM (DOORS 7:30PM)

Accidental Theatre, 12-13 Shaftesbury Square & Online


Accidental Theatre’s comedy nights are an eclectic mix of the weird, the wonderful, and the wildly entertaining – a stage for legends and newcomers!

Experience a vibrant tapestry of talent with our line-up featuring the crème de la crème of alternative acts, revered legends of the comedy scene, and fresh faces daring to make their mark. Expect the unexpected as these diverse performers take the stage, promising an evening filled with unapologetic quirkiness.

Dive into a world where Terminator lore is common knowledge, where surreal one-liners weave through the air, and where being nerdy, queer, or a middle-aged white man out of his depth is not just understood, but celebrated. This is not your average comedy night – it’s a haven for those who love their humour served with a side of eccentricity.

We issue a playful warning: our shows are unfiltered and unabashed, often featuring the word ‘vagina’ among other audacious topics. It’s comedy that pushes boundaries, breaks stereotypes, and most importantly, brings people together through laughter.

Join the fun! And if you want to get on stage with us, just let us know here.

Whether you’re a die-hard comedy enthusiast or just looking for a night filled with good vibes and great laughs, Accidental’s Comedy Club is the place to be. Bring your love for all things unconventional, your appetite for hilarity, and join us for an evening that promises to be as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Don’t miss out on the mirth and merriment. Grab your tickets today for an unforgettable night at Accidental’s – where comedy is serious fun!

With Janey Mac, Bobby Best, Darren McCay, Claire Corrigan, MC Adam Laughlin and headliner Rory McSwiggan.

Age 16+. Tickets for this event are availble here.

Event Partner: Accidental Theatre


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