Change Imagined Now Created

Change Imagined Now Created
Experience the transformative power of storytelling.


2:00PM – 4:00PM

The MAC, 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast


Your invitation awaits at a remarkable showcase of transformative initiatives. Over the past year, we’ve led diverse storytelling ventures, encompassing film, poetry, spoken word, theatre, and music, alongside our recent compassionate call to action.

Voicing the Void is committed to fostering personal and societal transformation through Restorative Storytelling. We empower marginalized communities to unearth and share their stories, ensuring their voices resonate and are heard.

We’ve successfully concluded impactful storytelling projects and eagerly anticipate presenting powerful pieces. Storytelling serves as the cornerstone of restorative approaches, offering individuals and communities a courageous and transformative path to reflect upon and heal from their traumatic experiences, while seeking social change.

Some of the storytelling initiatives we’ll feature include:

  • The ‘RESTORE Project’, a collaboration with the Probation Board for Northern Ireland and Quaker Service, amplifying the voices of serious crime victims and survivors through storytelling.
  • ‘Loughshore Stories’, where we joined forces with marginalised young individuals facing exclusion from mainstream education and various challenges. This resulted in four potent short films capturing their shared experiences.
  • ‘Nurses Seen and Not Heard’, where courageous nurses have stepped forward to illuminate the NHS staffing crisis, fortifying our call for their support.
  • ‘The Creative Pen’, showcasing poetry and spoken word pieces from our creative writing and advocacy course.
  • ‘In Their Shoes’ Stories Unveiled: Bridging Policing and Local Communities in South Belfast, a collaboration with South Belfast District Policing and Community Safety Partnership (DPCSP) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), presenting an interactive digital training resource.
  • ‘Those Left Behind: Addiction and Homelessness in NI’, a documentary.
  • Our Campaign for Change: Establish a Drugs Prevention Centre in Belfast City Centre and Lower the Voting Age to 16 by March 2026.

Join passionate young activists, family members, political advocates, and voices of lived experience in compelling conversations.


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