Inhabiting time

Inhabiting time
A participatory artwork with Eleni Kolliopoulou.


4.00pm – 5.00pm

Crescent Arts Centre, University Road, Belfast


This participatory artwork is triggered by the current political situations in Armenia and Azerbaijan, Israel and Palestine focussing on the conflicts in Nagorno Karabach and the Gaza Strip. The proposal suggests ethnic cleansing strategies must be added to the list of the Anthropocene and seeks creative solutions making use of performative art as a safe platform to test out and embody new ideas.

Borrowing the aesthetics of Japanese gardens in terms of the participants’ perception of architecture of space and time to explore alternative ways of acting within given time/space in a more constructive and harmonious ways. In Japanese gardens, visitors are encouraged to walk freely in the space and contemplate the garden from different points of view while, at the same time they also shape the garden with their choices of staying still or move. Likewise, participants of ‘Inhabiting time’ will be invited to participate with their presence in a participatory artwork that focuses on the modalities with which we interact with each other within the dynamics of the group.

The workshop is structured as a guided improvisation with sound/ light. The participatory artwork ‘Inhabiting time’ aims at the non-linear experience of time by borrowing elements from the dreamlike, memory and the symbolic. Participants will be invited to create a living system which (as with all living systems) is fragile, subject to change and impossible to fully control. This work acts as a social experiment of our ability to listen to each other and to create (or not) harmonious coexistence in space.

Age 18+. NB. Please note change of venue.


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