Loyalism: Alternative Voices — SHRAPNEL Podcast LIVE!

Loyalism: Alternative Voices — SHRAPNEL Podcast LIVE!
A live recording of the SHRAPNEL podcast.


7:30PM – 9:00PM

The Studio, Crescent Arts Centre, 2-4 University Road, Belfast


Where is loyalism in 2024 and how much has changed since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998?

In this special live episode of the popular Shrapnel podcast hosts Sam McIlwaine a self-described ‘socialist loyalist’ from the Shankill and Gareth Mulvenna, a Catholic who has researched loyalism extensively for almost 20 years, are joined by a panel of three guests representing alternative voices from within the broad spectrum of loyalism.

Beano Niblock is a former loyalist prisoner and the writer of the acclaimed play The Man Who Swallowed A Dictionary (2023) about the life of his former comrade David Ervine. Niblock is a vocal advocate for loyalist storytelling and the power of arts as means of communicating historical experience.

Emma Shaw is the founder and CEO of the Phoenix Education Centre, a profit for purpose community interest company in East Belfast that nurtures community self-help and promotes strategies to tackle low educational attainment and barriers to the workforce.

David Adams is a former spokesperson and councillor for the UDA-linked Ulster Democratic Party who was heavily involved in negotiations that led to the Good Friday Agreement. Having experienced what he described as a ‘messy divorce’ from loyalism in the mid-00s, he has spoken openly about the need to have informed conversations about reconciliation as a priority in any debates over the constitution.


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