Re-imagining the World in Song

Re-imagining the World in Song
Join us to raise the rafters and spirits and affirm values of peace and justice.


2:30PM – 4:30PM (doors 2:15pm)

Ballynafeigh Community Development Assn., 283 Ormeau Road


Join us to raise the rafters and spirits and affirm values of peace and justice. Uplifting songs will be taught by ear, and you will be able to sing in harmony with others. No special abilities or previous experience necessary- just a desire to sing. Singing is fun! It enriches us mentally and physically, and can give us a real boost, while connecting us to a community of inspirational singers and songwriters who are also dedicated to envisioning and building a better tomorrow.

Change the world in Song is a friendly, open access, non-auditioning Community Choir, which welcomes members from all communities across Belfast and beyond. Written music is sometimes available, but all songs are taught by ear. There is no expectation that people can read music or have previous experience. Our main aim is to sing and have fun!

The group’s name reflects the flavour of many (but by no means all) of the songs we sing: songs from around the world that promote peace, freedom, justice and care for the planet. We sing in harmony and draw on song traditions from across the globe.

Kate Fletcher has been facilitating ‘Change the World in Song‘ since 2004, as well as other singing groups and choirs in Belfast, and formerly in Sheffield. Her approach has been very much influenced by Frankie Armstrong and the Natural Voice Network, of which she is a member.

Kate is aware that there are many who were told to mime at school, or lost confidence in their own ability along the way. For her, is not about how good we are, but about reclaiming our right to enjoy song, and experience the joy, empowerment, connectedness and catharsis that can come from singing in a group. Raise the rafters!

We meet on Thursdays from 7-9pm at Ballynafeigh Community Centre, Ormeau Road.

New members are welcome to a free taster session before they commit to joining.

No minimum age, but under 16s need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.


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