Reflections on the Irish Border: Young People, Citizenship and Identity

Reflections on the Irish Border: Young People, Citizenship and Identity
Imagery, films and reflections from young people on what it means to grow up along the Irish Border.


12:00PM – 1:30PM

Room 03-203, Block BC, Ulster University, York St., Belfast


The Bordered Youth Project Team at Ulster University are delighted to be hosting this interactive workshop as part of the Imagine! Belfast Festival at our Belfast York Street Campus.

We have been working with young people to gather their reflections on the Irish Border and what it means to them, and it has led to some interesting results.

Join us for a free lunch, after which this workshop will encourage us to think collaboratively on our understandings of the border and how it affects our lives. Perhaps your perspectives on what the border means to you, or its future, have changed over the last few years, or maybe you never give it a second thought.

Whatever your thoughts, this workshop is a chance to unpack and understand these perspectives as we work together to build a collective understanding of what the future of the Irish Border might look like.

During this interactive session you will get the chance to not only offer your thoughts and perspectives, but to also become a researcher yourself.

We will look at imagery, films and reflections collected from some of our participants and you will be encouraged to think about what they mean and what the implications from these findings are for us going forwards. There will also be opportunities to express your own ideas on the future of the Irish Border.

So, join us for this exciting workshop as we work towards thinking about the future of this unique place.

Please meet the team at the entrance to block BC, the main building of the Ulster University Belfast campus.

Event Partner: Ulster University


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